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MISSION:-“Nourishment of Mind body and Soul” with the Touch of Technology is the prime motive of Vidyasagar International School.  We are staunch believer of “Theory of Karma” and know well enough to distinguish Literacy and Education. Our aim is to provide access to global education even in remote areas. Keeping the “Social Service” factor in vision, we promise Holistic approach in teaching and learning “both”.

VISION: Vidyasagar International School weaves  “A promise and a possibility” in every child. It strives to take the tender buds towards the galaxy of knowledge, confidence and success holding their hands with “care” and “concern”. It nurtures the roots with aesthetic sense, skills and information so that they may accommodate with the global scenario.


Vidyasagar International School has the blend of Modern amenities and Natural surroundings. Along with clean, Hygienic and Multistory building, it has 5 Acre Lush green campus which makes it stand out of others. All modern well equipped Labs, Resourceful Library and sports equipments helps the young souls to explore the fuel within.

A well furnished fleet of buses within the best possible radius

facilitates the scholars to access the institution and complement their quench of dreams.


        Vidyasagar International School has been founded by great visionary and a great philanthropist Sh. Dharampal Yadav in the year 2010 to infuse skills, Ethics, values along with the knowledge / character building to take up future challenges as responsible citizens of India. Director Mr. Deepak Yadav took over the responsibility on his young shoulders to carry on the vision and mission of his father Sh. Dharampal Yadav. He has left no stone unturned to make Vidyasagar International School a  premier educational institution. The school’s motto………………… encompasses human values, love, truthfulness, righteousness based on country’s  great ancient values.

School Ethos:- 

  1. 1.   Discipline :-

Discipline is the continue exercise of the will, enlightened by the intellect, so that it may act easily and habitually according to the right order and help to attain Self-Mastery.

We train children to inculcate discipline as a part of their life. They are groomed and educated to be an asset to the society. To protect public property, respect elders and behave in the best possible, humble, social and transparent way to make the society more Rational and Ethical.

  1. 2.   Practical Approach:-

“Education is what it does”. Knowledge cannot be attained till its practically approached and explored.

Children are world’s most valuable resource. They are like sponges soaking up what is taught to them. So what counts here is not only what is taught to them but also in what way they are being taught.

Vidyasagar International School emphasizes on development of all corners and curves. Therefore well furnished Labs and Sports equipments are available to them throughout the session and even after school hours. we have provision for special Training camps and Sports academy in the pipeline.

  1. 3.   Celebrations :-

      Celebration allows us to relax and unwind in the midst of busy and crazy lives. We use celebrations as an excuse to gather to share, care, experience and smile with the growing fellow ‘social species’. As we celebrate, we allow the stresses of life to fall behind and we spend our time doing things we love with the people we love. It reminds us of the purpose of our life and of the power of relations.

The biggest keys of getting the most out of life is to have celebrations as it makes our life and personality enriched with the skills of sympathy and empathy in the balanced ratio.  .



  1. 4.   Holistic activities based planner:-

 Keeping in focus the suggestions and latest updations by the CBSE, Vidyasagar International School follows the unique pattern of activity based teaching techniques. So that our ‘Precious learners’ may get the right interactive two way channel of learning. Here, through our activity centered techniques tradition, devotion, colour and rhythm of each and every festival and activity are going to be embedded in their minds in such a way. That they will set up the whole society in its best scientific and practical form.

It is imperative that students have an assortment of school-related activities they can participate in. These activities can range from activities during normal school hours to after-school activities. No matter the time, these activities are available to every student, and it is encouraged that every student participates in at least one activity.


  1. 5.   Expanding Interests:-

               Students also can have their interests expanded by participating in various Inter-house, Inter-school and National level competitions             and events. These activities may consist of anything, such as promoting the charity work, ralley programs, joining  the school’s debate team, the chess team, music & dance club or art & craft club to name a few. By participating in these activities, a student might realize he is interested in something he never knew he was interested in before. For example, if a student has never acted before and joins a drama club, he may find out he enjoys drama and will develop an interest in it.

Activities at Vidyasagar International School also allow students to be creative when they otherwise would not have had the chance. Activities are such programs that allow gifted students to participate in activities they otherwise would never have experienced in the classroom. They are a great way to allow students to be creative. Additionally, participating in clubs such as drama and chorus that appeal to students’ interest also allows them to expand their knowledge and be creative.



  1. 6.   A Nation that read is  the Nation that leads:-

The enduring power of reading builds our society’s foundation for a promising future. Its steady pursuit fosters the enlightened mind, creative thought and determined character that makes our leaders of tomorrow. Being a responsible educational institution, Vidyasagar International School takes up its moral responsibility of not only  character building or Career making but also  of producing future leaders who will take the country on the path of success, name and fame walking through the enlightened path of knowledge .

IT Support:-

Vidyasagar International School has firm faith in the bright wings of technology.

So it provides IT support to all classes from foundational age to adolescence to give them right guidance and support throughout. Using IT as a strong part, we do use it as a weapon for smooth and root level communication with parents. AV rooms and Resourceful Computer Labs open to all scholars, adds stars on the shoulders of Vidyasagar International School.

Pampering the sprouting future @ Kindergarten:-

Kindergarten at Vidyasagar International School is our real nursery where we give right environment to the growing saplings. So that they may develop all the necessary characteristics of a perfect social being and future professional. What makes our kindergarten are the activities which aims at providing Stage exposure, Education through Play-way method, Learning by doing technique (Clay modeling, Salad making, Dough activity, Puppet show etc.), Education through real objects, use of Audio visual aids to give them clear focus about life.




We kindle the quest for knowledge and discover the true potential.

1.      5 Acre Campus.

2.      Affiliated to be CBSE.

3.      Digital classrooms powered by

4.      Well trained & groomed faculties.

5.      Well equipped Science & Computer Labs.

6.      Exclusive play lawn for “Tiny Tots”.

7.      Regular Parent Teacher Meeting & E-Communication facility.

8.      Grooming in complete English Environment.

9.      Transport facility throughout the possible radius.

10.    Stress free environment & upbringing.

11.    Specialized activity sections for the “Bright Brains”.

12.    Music & Dance Room for holistic growth.

13.    Special attention to “Weak Arms”.

14.    Cricket Academy (coming soon).

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